Bilingual Children’s Musical Five Fools


Five Fools is a vaudeville style performance about a circus with some rather unusual problems.

The Clown is mad, the Musician is bad, the Strongman is love struck, and the new star, ‘Little Flower’, won’t speak at all. Somehow within all this madness a touching story evolves where love and support conquer fear and a bright future unfolds.

This show utilizes interactive sets, live music, acrobatics, illusion and ample amounts of comedy to create a fast paced and hilarious visit to the world of English language.

Poker Night Blues in Beijing!


The play “Poker Night Blues” is a recreation of “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams.Blanche, a beauty from Southern U.S., is in real need of a protector at this stage in her life when circumstances of unemployment, divorce, and bankruptcy lead her into paying a visit to her younger sister Stella in New Orleans. Stella’s husband Stanley, a strong, emotional blue collar worker, sees Blanche as threaten to his authority. Fragile Blanche gradually gets caught in desire and family crisis, and has suffered a mental breakdown after the persecution.

The Metamorphosis, Android version (Japan & France) — Directed by Oriza Hirata, one of the most influential figures in Japanese theatre, and starring French screen legend Irene Jacob


What happens when you turn into a robot?
The 21st century adaption of Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis” puts this question on stage for the audience. This production is part of his Robot Theatre Project as implemented by Oriza Hirata, whose “contemporary colloquial theatre” sets the scene for much of Japan’s new drama over the last 20 years, and Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University. A new model of robot, Repliee S1, will portray this story on stage with French stage and screen legend Irene Jacob, winner of the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991 for her role in “La double vie de Véronique”.



  The play Lovers includes two parts. These two stories are about two couples who have total different lives, but they share a same theme which is a discussion about love, family and the broken ideology. About whether happiness could be found through our effort to discover, to achieve, to love. The first part is … [Read more…]